Friday, 30 October 2015

Downtown and LA CPA Services

CPA Services includes a wide range of assistance, including business financial, personal financial, accounting, auditing and tax advisory services. CPA also serve as consultants on management, human resources, forensic and technology issues. The core services CPA provide can accommodate any business or personal need.

Velin & Associates, Inc. provides CPA Services in Downtown area including following services

Accounting and auditing services
Fraud Prevention & Detection
Financial Forecasts & Projections and Statements
Business valuation, forensic and litigation services
Payroll Services
Accounting Software Selection & Implementation
Financial and Retirement Planning
Sales Tax services and Estate & Trust Tax Preparation
Business and Computer consulting Services
Find the professional financial and accounting services online in more areas at Velin and Associates, Inc. a professional CPA offers the best services. We have highly experienced accountants in Los Angles who can help you for all your personal and business financial needs.

We keep our overhead low and provide very competitive prices. We will discuss your needs and go over our pricing structure during your initial free consultation.If you have any questions about anything mentioned above feel free to contact us through our website

Contact US : 
Velin & Associates, Inc.
7315 W Sunset Blvd # A
Los Angeles, California, USA
Zip code:-90046-3421
Phone no:  424-274-1391
Fax: 323-851-2066


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